Monster Drawing Rally –  A Live Drawing Fundraiser
2018 date TBA

Join the Greater Reston Arts Center (GRACE) and artists from across Virginia, Maryland, and DC for a live drawing event and fundraiser! The annual Monster Drawing Rally turns the GRACE gallery into a public performance space as over 50 artists create unique artworks on-site using their preferred media. As the works are completed, they will be hung on the wall and available for purchase at $75 each. If more than one person wants to purchase the same artwork there will be a draw of cards to determine the winner. All proceeds will benefit the exhibition program at GRACE.

Participating artists 2017: 

Ann Barbieri
Joanne Bauer
Stephanie Booth
Asma Chaudhary
Ellen Cornett
Timothy Devenney
Cheryl Edwards
Stephanie George
Susan Hostetler
Katana Lippart
Gordon Peil
Caitlin Teal Price
Beverly Ress
Lisa Rosenstein
Rahshia Sawyer
Dana Ann Scheurer
Stephanie J. Williams

Sondra Arkin
Michael Booker
Andrea Cybyk
Mandy Cooper
Sharon Fishel
Roxana Alger Geffen
David Ibata
Mariah Anne Johnson
Jessica Kallista
Christopher Kardambikis
Katherine Tzu-Lan Mann
Ben Morse
Heidi Neff
Monica Stroik
Nikki Brugnoli Whipkey
Josh Whipkey

Ed Bisese
Adjoa Burrowes
Spencer Dormitzer
Becca Kallem
Steve Loya
Carolina Mayorga
Athena Naylor
Craig Snodgrass
Henrik Sundqvist
Sue Wrbican

For the kiddos! Bring your little monsters and have your own Drawing Rally in the Little Monsters kid’s area where your kids can make their own artworks and hang them on the wall!

The Monster Drawing Rally will have a cash bar for our 21+ crowd, snacks, and a DJ!
Weekend parking is free in Reston Town Center garages.

Interested in Volunteering at the 2017 Monster Drawing Rally?

volunteer here

Image credit: Southern Exposure

Thank you all who participated in the 2017 Monster Drawing Rally.

There are still works available! If you would like to purchase any of these works, please stop by the gallery or email to make arrangements. $100 each. All proceeds will benefit the exhibition program at GRACE.