CUT is a thematic show of extraordinary works by six visual artists who are exploring spirituality, modern life, and ecological concerns through a variety of delicate and precisely crafted paper-cut pieces. The exhibition will provide a rich example of the endless possibilities derived from a medium as versatile as paper and will feature site-specific installations, quirky mix-media collages, humorous animations, scientific illustrations, and transformative sculpture. CUT is the final exhibition in a trilogy of shows organized by the Greater Reston Arts Center examining labor-intensive, hand-manipulated contemporary artworks made from humble materials traditionally associated with domestic craft. The 2014 exhibition STITCH presented surprising manifestations of needlework in combination with painting, sculpture, photography, and video. The 2015 exhibition BEAD featured works ranging from jewelry that mimics natural forms or and incorporated live ammunition; to sculptural assemblages created from materials including hand-blown glass, animal skulls and re-purposed mops; to two- and three-dimensional works exploring heady themes including identity, gender, race, and nature.

Featured artists: Ed BiseseMaelle DoliveuxBhavna MehtaBeverly RessLeslie Shellow and Eric Standley

Eric Standley interview in Whurk Magazine
In the Galleries, Washington Post

Top image: Eric Standley, Daphne, 2016

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