This seminal exhibition at the Greater Reston Arts Center presents the work of nationally-recognized artist Renee Stout, who has received acclaim for her mixed-media works exploring issues including identity, race, gender, and healing.

Through her created alter-ego Fatima Mayfield, Stout has explored the links between creativity magic, and spirituality. Utilizing painting, photography, mixed-media sculpture, installation, and repurposed found objects, Stout creates highly imaginative, personal works that are deeply rooted in global contemporary challenges, lending them a universal relevance. Stout, who is based in Washington D.C., is the only American artist to have had a solo exhibition at the National Museum for African Art, and is the recent recipient of numerous prestigious awards.

Incubator features Stout in collaboration with self-taught visionary artist Odinga Tyehimba. Based in Durham, North Carolina, Odinga uses his art to reflect his feelings about his African ancestry and the history of race oppression. A self-taught artist who has been active for the past seventeen years, Odinga utilizes wood as his primary medium, incorporating a wide variety of found objects and created materials into his wooden structures. He combines his interest in the traditional art and cultures of various African peoples with his interpretation of the historic and contemporary experiences of Africans in the Americas. Like Stout, Odinga’s ultimate objective is to effect healing and self-realization through his work.

Image credit: Odinga Tyehimba, Self Portrait (detail), 2014