Artist Rebecca Kamen seeks truth through observation. The process of discovery is a catalyst for her work, which creates a dynamic continuum and visual dialogue between art and science. Informed by research into cosmology, neuroscience, history of science, and philosophy, Kamen’s abstract sculptures and prints connect common threads that flow across various scientific fields to capture and re-imagine what scientists see. This exhibition includes two new sculpture and sound installations: Portal, inspired by gravitational wave physics and black holes, and NeuroCantos, inspired by the relationship and poetics of inner and outer space. Collaborating partners include:  Susan Alexjander, sound designs, Steven J. Fowler, poet, and video projections by photographer Terry Lowenthal.

Walk through of Continuum

Video from Rebecca Kamen’s installation, Portal, at James Madison University in 2014

Video from Rebecca Kamen’s 2009 exbition, Divining Nature, at the Greater Reston Arts Center

Photo credit: Pete Duvall